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【Widen international markets】MGTO attracts cruise passengers for group tours to Macao and boosts twin-destination tourism with Hong Kong

Published on 2024/01/30


Numerous cruise lines have launched Macao tour group products Numerous cruise lines have launched Macao tour group products


Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is dedicated to destination branding towards a new diversity of market segments. Tailored for international cruise passengers as great-potential consumers, MGTO now presents the special travel offer that encourages international cruise visitors to join group tours to Macao during their stopover in Hong Kong, as cruises dork at the Hong Kong Cruise Terminal. The offer is set to expand the range of international visitations, boost twin-destination tourism to both cities and tourist spending in Macao.

12 international cruise lines launch Macao tour products

As international cruise tourism revives, MGTO presents a special travel offer that welcomes international cruise tourists in Hong Kong this year. During their cruise stopover in Hong Kong, international cruise visitors from worldwide can join group tours to Macao for sightseeing and spending. The Macao group tour products are now on sale by 12 international cruise lines. Before or during their cruise vacation, or upon arrival at the harbor in Hong Kong, passengers can enquire about or purchase Macao tour products on the cruise lines’ websites or at tour counters on board, to sign up for group tours to Macao. The itineraries include visits to the World Heritage Site “The Historic Centre of Macao”, Macao Museum, Macau Tower and major integrated resorts, among other attractions. International visitors can experience a rich breadth of “tourism +” in Macao.

One stopover, two journeys

Capitalizing on the Hong Kong Cruise Terminal, MGTO hopes to energize international visitors’ interest in including Macao as part of their journey, by offering them a convenient way to travel to the city with ease. Their cruise vacations can be upgraded by value into a multi-destination travel experience, as international visitors enjoy fascinating journeys in Hong Kong and Macao. The initiative is set to boost twin-destination tourism development.

International marketing via different platforms

MGTO forges ahead with various online and offline promotional initiatives towards international visitor markets. Along with the year-round calendar of spectacular events, more international visitors will be attracted to Macao for festive vacations and experiences of the city’s latest “tourism +” elements and facilities. Great endeavors are made to boost visitors’ length of stay and spending and widen the range of visitations to Macao.