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Travel Safety Tips

Published on 2021/02/05

Preparation is the key to a successful trip

  • Inform family and/or friends of your travel plans
    Make copies of your passport, insurance policy, 24-hour emergency numbers and ticket details. Carry one set separate from the originals and leave another set with family or friends. If your travel plans change, remember to update your family and friends.
  • Keep a communication channel open
    It is recommended that you inform your family and friends how they should contact you during your travels. Should you travel to a remote location or to a destination with restricted communication infrastructures, please inform your family and friends in advance.
    It is recommended to activate roaming service through your Macao telecommunication services provider or purchase a telephone card in your destination for emergencies and/or should internet services not be available for communications.
  • Gather information on your destinations
    Research in advance a list of emergency contacts as well as any travel risks on the destination you are traveling to. Know where your nearest Embassy or Consulate is located and read the latest government travel advisories which can be found on: or
  • Arrange for adequate travel insurance from a reputable insurer
    Read the policy carefully to ensure it covers your personal circumstances and planned activities e.g. scuba diving. Ask your insurance provider to ensure that you have appropriate cover.
  • Check for any health precautions you may need to take
    Ask your health professional before you go for advice on any health precautions needed in the area you are visiting e.g. anti-malaria medication, vaccinations.
  • Safeguard your passport at all times
    It can be difficult to replace your passport while overseas. Ensure it will remain valid for at least 6 months after your planned travel ends and that you have at least one clear visa page for immigration stamps.
  • Contact home if you are near a major disaster or incident while travelling overseas
  • Take more than one form of payment with you
    Don't rely on a single form of money. Take enough cash and credit to cover your planned trip and for any emergencies that might arise during your travel. Handle your credit cards, and money, carefully.
  • Obey local laws
    The Macao SAR Government cannot intervene in judicial proceedings taking place in other countries. You are advised to obey the local laws.

Have a happy and worry-free trip!